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Trusted Migration Partner

Trusted Migration Partner

360 solutions

Obtaining your visa can be an arduous task, with our years of experience and expertise we ensure that every process is followed with the right guidance and assistance.

Competitive pricing

Migrate without financial stress with a slab payment scheme ensuring flexibility on our service fee.

Quality service

Leave the black and white with our regulated and experienced consultants, we only ensure a detailed analysis with clear guidelines when lodging your application.


Student & Graduate visa

While temporary, your student and graduate visa should be handled by an experienced Visa consultant to eliminate any challenges with migrating and finalizing your travel/accommodation plans.

Business & Investor Visa

Explore the world of business through sound investments made with your Business and investor visa. Karah international sets you on your entrepreneurial journey by being a Visa consultant that pushes forward the same way your investments do.

Relocation Advice

Professionals comes with its perks. Karah international experience and expertise makes us a trusted name for migration agents in Sri Lanka as well as your go to Visa consultant, further our team can help connect you with the best immigration lawyers in Sri Lanka to help answer any further queries.

Skilled Visa

Has your unique skill set helped you achieve your dream job? Karah international matches your professional skill set by being your trusted Visa consultant and playing a part in pushing your professional goals forward.

Work Visa

With your professional goals met Karah international caters to the next step on your professional journey by being your trusted Canada work visa consultants in Sri lanka. Our experienced staff is geared to attend to all your Visa consultant needs.

Visitor Visa

Planning a holiday to Australia, or looking for a job placement? Karah international aims to be your trusted Australia visa consultants in Sri Lanka that ensures no hiccups on your travel itinerary.


How long will it take for me to get an LOA?

It entirely depends on your profile. If the process is completed without any gaps, an LOA will be issued within three days to three weeks.

How long will it take for my Visa to process?

The issuance of your Visa depends on many factors. A typical visa process takes three months but can vary on the visa officer in charge.

If I get a visa refusal, can I re-apply again?

You are eligible to re-apply upon analyzing the refusal reason and have the required documents in place.

Can I take my parents with me when I apply for a student visa?

If you are a minor applicant (less than 18 years), you can.

How can I obtain Police clearance?

Please attach the police clearance link when speaking to our agents.

How long should I have to show money and any particular numerical value?

Statements that are up to six months with liquid assets (In the form of money or can be cashed in a day). You are also required to show a numerical value that’s equivalent to one year of tuition fees and one year of living expenses.

Will I be eligible for a PSW?

If you are applying to a DLI-approved college or university for a 2-year program, you will receive three years of PGWP; in case your study period is one year or lesser, you are also applicable to receive the same period.

How can I identify good colleges in Canada?

Colleges that are registered with DLI are up to standard. Karah International will help you find your desired DLI-registered college.

When I apply with my spouse, will they get a work permit?

Yes, your spouse will be eligible for a full-time work permit.

Can I apply for a student visa just by showing assets?

No, you cannot.